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The Twilight Design Group (TDG) team includes experienced outdoor and landscape lighting design specialists. We offer the most creative custom design services for residential and commercial lighting systems of all sizes and types. We have been designing and installing outdoor lighting for customers in Raleigh and throughout Central NC for more than 20 years, making us your source for beautiful, functional systems that will transform the look of your property.

Whether you want simple driveway and walkway lighting to make it easier to see at night or grand systems that artistically accentuate your trees, natural areas, and architectural features, we do it all with distinction. No matter what your vision for your new landscape lighting system, we’ll consult closely with you, listen to all your ideas and goals, and deliver a custom lighting system that’s unique to you and your outdoor spaces.


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Our friendly experts will come to your home or business to answer your questions and talk about your goals.


Your Outdoor Spaces

Even if you’ve devoted lots of time and effort into making your outdoor spaces look great, your hard work won’t show itself after the sun goes down. Sometimes, all it takes is a little light to transform how your home or business looks at night. At TDG, we know how to accentuate your landscaping, hardscapes, driveways and walkways, and architectural features creatively and artistically.

With expert help from the lighting design professionals at TDG, you’ll get a quality system that’s understated and unobtrusive during the day while beautifully illuminating your outdoor spaces at night. Your guests will enjoy your stylish lighting when they arrive, and you’ll appreciate your new lighting every time you look out of your window.

Everything Our Lighting Brings To You

If you’ve ever tried walking around the outside of your home or business on a moonless night, you understand how hard it can be to see where you’re going. Without proper lighting, you risk losing your footing or tripping over an unseen obstacle. You, your family, and your guests are just one misstep away from a potential injury. With expert lighting design from TDG, your yard, landscaping, driveways, and walkways will be well-lit and far safer to navigate on even the darkest nights.
No matter what your goals or your vision for your new exterior lighting system, the TDG team understands how to use the latest technology and skillful designs to bring you an array of benefits. From visibility and security to an elegant new nighttime look, our experienced team will make your property safer and easier to navigate. Plus, we’ll help you enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces at night and help you put your best foot forward with your neighbors and guests.

Our Systems Make

You More Secure At Night

The darker your property looks at night, the more attractive it is to a potential intruder. An unlit driveway and yard makes it easier to approach your home or business unseen. At TDG, we offer proven security lighting, using timers and motion sensors to light up your outdoor spaces and deter anyone from trespassing—even if you’re away. Some insurance providers even offer discounts for the right kinds of outdoor lighting, so it could even save you some money while keeping you more secure.

Make Your Property Stand Out With Style

In addition to making your outdoor spaces safer and more secure at night, our outdoor and landscape lighting systems bring a chic, premium look to your property. We have decades of experience creatively mixing uplighting, downlighting, canopy lighting, flood lights, and many other types of light fixtures to create a dramatic, stylish look that highlights your property’s best features. Not only will you make a great impression on your guests and neighbors, you’ll enjoy your outdoor living spaces more as well!