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Upgrade Your

Existing System To LEDs

If you’re using an outdoor lighting system with outdated wiring and incandescent bulbs, it’s costing you far more than you might think. These systems often use higher-voltage wiring and far less-efficient bulbs, drastically increasing energy bills. They also create lots more heat and use more complex wiring, creating a fire hazard you just don’t need at your home or business. Plus, as older bulbs burn out more often, your system won’t always work consistently.

Twilight Design Group (TDG) offers expert LED retrofits for existing outdoor lighting systems. We’re proud to serve homeowners and businesses throughout Central NC with upgrades to the latest technology for longer-lasting lighting that uses significantly less electricity. Our LED systems feature bulbs that last up to five times longer than older bulbs while using 80% less energy to produce the same amount of light. This means drastic money savings on your energy bills and maintenance costs.


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What To Expect

With Your LED Retrofit

When you call on TDG to upgrade your existing outdoor lighting system to a low-voltage LED system, you’ll get the most expert team and a clear, well-defined process. We’ll start with a written proposal laying out all the work we plan to do. Then we’ll provide you with a detailed project schedule so you know exactly what to expect and when.

As we perform your LED retrofit, our crews will take every step to protect your property. We treat all of our projects like we’re working on our own home or business, so you won’t find a more respectful outdoor lighting specialist in the area. After we complete your retrofit, we’ll walk you through your new system to ensure you understand how it works and how to take full advantage of its functionality. We also warranty all of our parts and labor for one year after installation.

All The Benefits of LED Retrofits Installation

If you’re on the fence about upgrading your outdoor and landscape lighting to a cutting-edge LED system, just consider all the benefits you’ll enjoy. It’s a no-brainer! You’ll get a brand new system that will provide the same level of lighting you’ve enjoyed for years. The difference is that you’ll save money over time, you’ll enjoy greater flexibility and control, and you’ll feel more confident in the reliability and safety of your system for many years to come.

Older outdoor lighting systems use high-wattage incandescent or halogen bulbs, often powered by 110-volt wiring. Not only do these higher-voltage systems use more complex wiring, their bulbs also burn hotter than LEDs—often far too hot to touch! As these systems age and begin to wear out, the higher-voltage circuitry and hot bulbs can create a serious fire hazard. Be smart, and protect your home or business with a professional LED retrofit from the experts at TDG.

You’ll Save

Money Over Time

Are you worried about the cost of an LED retrofit? Don’t be! You’ll end up saving money in the long run. This is because our LED bulbs, coupled with modern wiring and control systems, use only one-fifth the electricity as older, outdated systems. It’s not rocket science. Combine the energy savings with drastically reduced maintenance from longer-lasting bulbs and low-voltage wiring that’s easier to service, and you’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t upgrade sooner.

Cutting-Edge Control & Flexibility

Upgrading your outdoor lighting to a modern LED system isn’t just about safety, reliability, and energy savings. It also gives you far greater control and flexibility than you ever imagined. Our cutting-edge computerized lighting control systems have all kinds of options for programming, zoning, and custom timers. We also offer WiFi-enabled systems you can control on-the-go anywhere with your smartphone or other Internet-connected device.