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Service, Maintenance, & Inspections

Twilight Design Group (TDG) is proud to offer continued support for our customers, long after we’ve designed and installed their outdoor and landscape lighting systems. We provide ongoing service and maintenance to ensure your lighting works like new for many years to come. The same expert TDG technicians who installed your quality system are here to inspect, service, maintain, and repair your system for hassle-free reliability.

Our team specializes in making sure your system continues to provide the same safe, reliable, and energy-efficient operation it did when it was first installed. We know everything about your lighting system, so we understand exactly how to examine its components, check its wiring, assess its function, adjust beam placement, replace bulbs, and so much more. We pride ourselves on keeping our systems free of issues so you can relax and simply enjoy your outdoor lighting


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Our friendly experts will come to your home or business to answer your questions and talk about your goals.

How Our

Inspections Work

As with any electrical system, a detailed inspection is key to proper maintenance and long-lasting operation. Protect your investment with a yearly or seasonal inspection from TDG! We’ll come to your home or business as scheduled and perform a detailed examination of your entire system, from controls to electrical components, wiring, light fixtures.

We start by ensuring the entire system is functioning with no bulb burnouts or electrical faults. Then, we’ll carefully inspect every electrical component, wire, and fixture for signs of wear, damage, or looming issues. As needed, we’ll replace any hardware or LED bulbs that aren’t working properly. Finally, we’ll talk to you about the look of your lighting system and make any positioning or beam adjustments needed to make sure you’re completely satisfied going forward.

We'll Handle Any Repairs Needed

The advantage of calling on the TDG team for all of your outdoor lighting inspection, service, maintenance, and repair needs is that we already know your system inside and out. That means there zero learning curve for us, so we can hit the ground running with your service call as soon as we arrive. We’re proud to maintain the systems we install, and our goal is to ensure you get the utmost performance and enjoyment from your outdoor and landscape lighting far into the future.
Gone are the days of needing to call in a licensed electrician to inspect, service, and repair your landscape lighting system. Instead, our cutting-edge low-voltage outdoor lighting uses modern digital controllers rather than complicated systems of old-fashioned switches and relays. That means they’re more reliable and far easier to troubleshoot, service, and repair should you encounter an issue.

Why We Prefer To

Install LED-Based Fixtures

At TDG, we have made the transition to installing exclusively LED lighting fixtures for our customers’ landscape and outdoor lighting systems. It’s not just because they’re the latest trend in lighting. They offer real advantages for our customers, especially when it comes to energy savings. LEDs also last far longer—up to five times longer in most cases—than their incandescent counterparts. That means they burn out much less frequently, reducing our systems’ service requirements significantly.

The Advantages Of Low-Voltage Wiring

Another advantage LED-based outdoor lighting systems offer is that don’t require 110-volt electricity, which can be dangerous to service. In fact, our state requires a specialized certification to be able to service these higher-voltage wiring systems. Instead, we prefer our low-voltage LED systems because they use safer, less-complex wiring that generally lasts longer before needing to be serviced. Easier maintenance for us means less hassle and expense for you, which is the real goal!